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We are working on our first major update for Primateys: Ship Outta Luck! and we wanted to get all of our awesome fans involved.

While we are already working on additional Captains and some graphical updates we are willing to put in even more work if you the fans can help show the world how much you love Primateys!

The community event runs from March 1 - April 2 2016, we hope you have fun unlocking the Achievements and submitting ideas for the contests.

- Troy & Andy @ParallaxRed

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m2a achievements
Complete the following achievements before April 2nd and we will add the "unlocked" content to our next update for both iOS and Android!

1. Get the Primateys Facebook page to 250 LIKES to unlock an additional themed Captain.

2. Get the Parallax Red Twitter to 250 FOLLOWS to unlock an additional themed Captain.

3. Post 25 Primatey themed photos on the Facebook page or on Twitter #Primateys #M2A to unlock more Shop Items.

4. Post 50 Gameplay Stories on the Facebook page to unlock TWO Events Leaderboards

5. Post 50 Gameplay Stories on the Twitter #Primateys #M2A to unlock a New Event Type

6. Post 10 Videos of you and your friends saying your favorite Primatey's lines on the Facebook page or on Twitter #Primateys #M2A to unlock more Port Art

Every 8 days we will be running a contest where you can submit your ideas to get into the game. Check back "each week" as we will reveal what to submit.

Submission should be posted to the Facebook page or on Twitter with #Primateys #M2A within the dates listed (PST).

winner: Tapotty
The name that you would love to see on a port with a line or two to throw into the good ol' ship's log.
winner: Spy Glasses
Pick a new item that appears in the shop as a new buy and sell item.

winner: Longest Voyage
A new leaderboard that will create a new way for players to compete while playing.
march 25 - april 1
Come us with something crazy fun to do, maybe you have already done it, and add it as an achievement for everyone!
m2a achievements

  The fine print...
By participating in this community event you give up any personal right or ownership of any materials or ideas created. Submission as outlined above forfits all ownership to Parallax Red to be used at any time for the title Primateys Ship Outta Luck both in game, for promotional use, or any other instance or format that the company see fit. Use of any ideas submitted does not give an outside individual any rights or official affiliation with the company Parallax Red. Parallax Red is under no obligation to give credit to outside individuals for use of submissions and reserves the right to deny submissions or remove submitted content in the future for any reason.

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